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Festive Fave’s

Take the hassle out of this festive season with some of my just as impressive, fuss free Christmas favourites that will undoubtedly impress your guests. Here you’ll find a collection of recipes from pre-dinner aperitifs, through appetisers, the main event, a modern spin on some classic desserts and a few options for making over the leftovers.

Almost Guilt Free Desserts

I love making desserts. The only problem is that once I’ve made a delicious dessert, I eat it! Although I have a sweet tooth, I’m also highly conscious about what I consume and aim for everything in moderation. Most times I plan recipe development and testing of desserts around times that I know I’ll be entertaining so I can offload my creations.

Almost Guilt free Desserts is a small collection of modified desserts that taste just as good as the original, with a little more consciousness around nutrients, energy, antioxidants and GI. Most of the benefits stem from knowing what’s in the food we eat and understanding the properties of wholesome, fresh ingredients.


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