About Gratifood

Gratifood provides a range of food-based services involving recipe development, recipe testing, styling, photography and consultancy services including educational workshops. In addition to the services offered, food experiences and recipes are shared through the Gratifood blog. You’ll find more recipes over on the Recipes page.

Working with the best possible ingredients and creating delicious recipes that aim to inspire creative and conscious cooking is what Gratifood is about. Think everyday food paired with mindful alternatives.

Gratifood was developed with a genuine appreciation for all things food. In Australia, we are extremely fortunate to work with quality ingredients and have access to an abundant supply of food, maximising potential for quality recipes and healthy living. For this, we should show gratitude.

Gratifood celebrates fresh food and real ingredients with mostly healthy, sometimes indulgent recipes that are uncomplicated and user friendly; Often featuring a hero ingredient or exploring a key concept without breaking the budget.

You will find the Gratifood site as a portal for exploring food concepts, sharing innovative recipes and showcasing a collection of portfolio items.

About Me


I’m Helena, an inspired foodie. Passionate about all things food, nutrition and healthy living. I aim to inspire and educate everyone from the home cook to the seasoned professional. My philosophy, like many others’ is everything in moderation and I cook according to the Gratifood slogan mostly healthy, sometimes indulgent.

I have an extensive background in both food and education. With University degrees and TAFE qualifications in Food Management, Nutrition and Commercial Cookery; I have an abundant knowledge and diverse range of skills relating to food, health and nutrition.

I love working with fresh, local and seasonal produce. I’m always looking to create new and innovative recipes using what’s accessible. You’ll notice this throughout the Gratifood blog and featured recipes.

Reading, researching and experimenting are my core business and key to any successful recipe writer. I pride myself on my professionalism and work ethic, providing a high quality, resourceful service. I’m highly creative and maintain exceptional attention to detail, both vital for styling work and photographic imaging.